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TXT 100 blending texturizing unit

The blending texturizing unit TXT 100 enables blending of all kind of pumpable products in butter: water, brine, buttermilk, aqueous phase, vegetable oil or aroma.

So the TXT 100 can also be used for production of light butter, spreads or butter specialties.

This equipment is flexible and modular according to the application, and is characterised by:

The TXT 100 can also be used as simple homogenization equipment in situation where some butter exudation problems appear during process.

Main advantages:
  • Enables to obtain very soft and homogeneous texture
  • Wide range of outputs from 500 to 3 000 kg/h depending on applications
  • Consideration from design of food standards ensuring production of the perfectly hygienic product (EHEDG).
  • Automatic cleaning in place without any dismantling.
  • Strong construction with a very easy and economical maintenance.
  • Modular design enabling adaptation to new production requirements.
  • SIMON FRÈRES can supply stand-alone machines or a complete mixing line with full automation designed around the customer's application.