Simon Frères - Leader in the field of buttery equipment
Experts in butter processing since 1856
Linxis Group

Welcome to SIMON SAS

Located in Cherbourg, in Normandy, SIMON SAS, formerly SIMON FRERES, is an independent SME within the LINXIS Group operating in several European countries.

Founded in 1856, it soon marked the times as a supplier of modern high-performance machines for the food industries. See History
SIMON SAS, member of the ADEPTA organization ADEPTA.
Today we are well known for:

  • Our leading position in the field of buttery equipment.
  • Our expertise in continuous processes.
  • Accompaniment of our customers with their industrial development.
  • Designing machines adapted to individual requirements.
  • A long tradition of exporting to over 50 countries.
  • Our professionalism and commitment to quality.

Our vision:
We want our customers recognize SIMON Frères as an expert in Butter Process technology (cream treatment, churning, continuous blending, reworking, bulk packaging, distribution and melting) by proposing solutions which are reliable, innovative and competitive on sustainable basis, founded on existing or new SIMON equipment.

Our know-how

Our know-how lies in 2 core areas: buttermaking and continuous mixing.

  • Buttermaking
    Since the manufacture of the first industrial continuous butter churn in 1955, SIMON SAS have devoted their efforts to further developing their machines and now offer the broadest range of equipment for making, reworking and packaging butter.
    Today our know-how is applied to by-products such as low-fat products and special dairy spreads.
    See our Butter Range
  • By-products
    By-products – butter and ingredients blending
    On the strength of this experience in Butter range, we have developed equipment to meet requirements of diversification of recipes based on this product. This is effective in a broad range of applications: low fats products, spreads and blends with powder ingredients.

    See our Specialties range