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Butter pumping is realized with a PBC type pump with a sinusoidal rotor specially designed to avoid damaging the product.

Butter silos

To allow the continuous butter production and the products packaging on various packaging lines, SIMON FRÈRES has developed a range of butter silos.

The STRO butter silos from 1 to 3 tons of butter.

The ST silos for capacity from 500 kg to 10 tons of butter.

The SO silos for butter plants equipped with traditional churns.

The main advantages:

Reworking tanks, feeding units

Our SR reworking tanks associated with a positive pump are designed for the combined reworking, feeding, pumping & dosing of temperate products blocks with high viscosity. These reworking tanks have a buffer capacity dedicated to both reworking and texturizing work. Our installations assure a constant output and dosing.

The SR 170 feeding unit is designed to continually feed or dose fresh or unfrozen butter, margarine or pasty products from blocks up to 25 kg in size. Product temperature must be between + 4°C and + 10°C.

Main advantages: