Simon Frères - Leader in the field of buttery equipment
Experts in butter processing since 1856


To rework butter blocks, SIMON FRÈRES has developed several ranges of equipment:

The CONTICRUSH ® solution for reworking of butter blocks frozen at - 20° C.

Butter blocks are crushed by the crushing tank BPR 380 and mechanically heated by the Contimalax CM 240.

The CONTIMALAX ® solution for reworking of butter from - 10° C.

Butter blocks are crushed by a chopping device and then are reworked by the working section of the Contimalax.

The reworking tank and texturizing unit solution.

To rework butter with temperature higher than + 2° C, the SR type range tank associated with our texturizing unit is ideal. Direct connection with packaging machines is possible.


The main advantages:
  • Excellent regulation of the butter temperature by control of the mechanical energy given to the product.
  • The possibility to make liquid or powder additions during the process.
  • A strong construction with a very easy and economical maintenance.
  • Carefully designed according to food standard, ensuring production of butter with completely hygiene
  • Capacities up to 8 tons/hour.
  • Wide range of output.
  • SIMON FRÈRES can supply stand alone machines or a complete reworking line with full automation designed around the customers' application.

The MLX 100 reworking unit solution

In order to meet craft applications, we have developed a reworking unit in batch running of 100kg.