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Continuous Butter Making Machine - CONTIMAB ®

Always tuned in to the customers requests and the market trends, SIMON FRÈRES has developed a wide range of continuous butter making machines.

Our new generation machines, the CONTIMAB PROFLEX®, is characterized by its flexibility and advanced technology.

While maintaining the strengths that have made the reputation of the CONTIMAB®, we have developed a new range of churns, even more accessible. The CONTIMAB EASYFLEX® range is the latest model of the SIMON Frères butter churns.

We can also propose you a range of pilot butter making machines, do not hesitate to ask us for information.

The main advantages:
  • Large flexible churning characteristics for all types of cream with a fat content which could vary between 30 and 60%.
  • Carefully designed according to food standard, ensuring production of butter with completely hygiene (EHEDG).
  • Strong construction with easy maintenance, taken into account from the machine design.
  • An excellent control of the butter temperature thanks to the chilled water circulation in all the sections.
  • The production of a completely de-aerated butter, which improves its keeping qualities and delivers a production with constant density..
  • A wide range of finished products from pure butter to low fat mixed products (spreads)See our " Specialties " overview.
  • SIMON FRÈRES can supply stand alone machines or a complete butter making production line with full automation designed around the customers application.