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In order to optimize production costs, churn all types of cream and manufacture all types of product, the PROFLEX is there for you! The range of Proflex machines covers output from 100 kg/h to 13 000 kg/h.
While maintaining the strengths of the existing Contimab, the new machine has been designed to improve the whole butter process. Simple adjustments and a high degree automation make its running and maintenance easy.
To take into account the evolution of the regulation, the Proflex meets all food standards and safety while producing high quality butter.


This new machine was designed for small-capacity butter blending workshops. The aim is to blend the butter in 25 kg blocks at positive temperatures to give it an excellent texture in order to package it under the best possible conditions. Powder and liquid ingredients can be added to obtain a perfectly smooth texture. Each batch produces 100 kg of butter, which can be tipped directly into the packaging machine hopper or into a butter tub.